Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I'm supposed to be sleeping but here I am facing my laptop and writing an entry. *tap tap tap*

The past days have been a rollercoaster ride for me. Apart from trying to finish some research work (almost there!), I've been working on fixing my schedule to meet my friends before I leave Manila on the 29th. I am also busy thinking on what to do on my birthday and what sort of gift should I give to myself. One thing is for sure. I will go out with my family on a scheduled celebration over lunch. Meanwhile, as I spend on celebrating my birthday, I am also saving some money to do some travels this year as a reward to hardwork and anticipated PhD stress.

I am stressed but so far I've been able to manage it...uhm... yeah... yeah! Yeah, I'm managing it with the help of my family and friends. And just tonight I realized how my I can cope up with stress. Yeah, STRESS DRILON is around the corner!

Yesterday my dad and I visited my nephew. It's the second birthday month of my nephew. We call him baby Sylex. As part of the celebration my brother and his family prepared a feast. Yeah. A feast. Thank to KFC and Goldilocks for the yummylicious food. In the evening I realized that eating or simply hanging out with one's family is one of the best stress buster in life. Hearing their laughter, seeing their reactions and being welcomed with a hug or a baby's sound are surely priceless moments. As I enjoyed my dinner with my family last night all my worries walk away and I was left with nothing but a happy heart. I was laughing. I was relaxed. I was "human" and grounded to reality again. It was such a joy to be with my family especially in a natural setting. Having said that I will miss them again as I continue my battle in Melbourne. In my mind, I want to succeed in this PhD journey not only for myself but for the people I love, my family in particular. To where should I be after my PhD? I've got plans. And hopefully God will help me to make it happen.

Another stress busting activity for me lately is watching Tagalog films. Yeah. I don't care if the storyline is shallow. I don't care if the acting is sometimes over the top. I don't care if a comedy film doesn't make me laugh. As long as I'm with my family and we're watching it, I'm good. The past days have been filled with movie sessions at home. So I do research in day time and watch movies at night with my family. It is one of the best ways again to de-stress and make the most out of my vacation in the Philippines with my family. That whenever the movie starts rolling I'm transported to... home! And this I see as one of the practices that I will bring in Melbourne. I will watch Tagalog films (online) and hopefully my Guy will watch it too. Guy, I will look for Tagalog movies with English subtitles! And as a former Tagalog teacher to foreigners, I will teach you (Guy) Tagalog, the conversational way! Yeah, I'm a former Tagalog instructor (oh yeah a secret is revealed!) and I've taught Tagalog to Caucasians.

Lastly, to have faith in God and in oneself is also a key in overcoming life's challenges. I've been anxious at some days with what lies in my future but through conversations with my family and friends and Guy, I can the light at the end of the tunnel. It may be an isolating experience to do a PhD. But yeah, it is very challenging to get through this journey. And so the support from family and friends is a key to help PhD students to paddle or finish the race. Doing a PhD is like running in a race (Wood-Bradley, 2014! Citation eh?), and so I agree.

And oh! Shopping is one of the best stress busters too. Zumba and singing or any performance can do the trick.  I want to be back on the healthy lane: less sweets, more exercise and more veggies! As of writing I'm thinking of some creative activities such as "religiously updating this blod" when I get back in Melbourne. I want to utilize my creative writing skills, singing prowess, my groove in dancing, and yes, my wit!

I'm already sleepy and this is what I will share for tonight. Thank you for taking time to read my blog.

I thank God for giving me a blessed life. I couldn't ask for more with what's on my plate. Whatever I have, a challenge or fun, it's all part and parcel of the journey called life to which I learn to be humble and grateful.

Here's one of my favorite songs (which I always sing in the toilet, in my room and in events I was once invited to perform)! Enjoy!

"Go the Distance" by Michael Bolton

This is day 28 and 27 of my 30 Days of Blessedness journey.

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