Friday, June 6, 2014


Two weeks to go and I'm turning 32. It's gonna be my birthday! Hashtag Wohoo. For the past days that I've been thinking of what to wish, I've thought of something that I think is just suitable to wish. I am thinking of something that concerns the mind and body.

Two nights ago I found myself in the hospital. I am not a fan of hospitals. I dread the reality of being in a hospital. Unless I have a check up or I have to do some lab test, I can survive in the next minutes or hours. However, if being in a hospital happens because of someone in the family had an emergency, then it is quiet a serious and agonizing matter.

I won't elaborate why I was in the hospital two nights ago. It's something that I won't disclose. It is not me who was rushed.

As I was seated in the emergency room a lot of thoughts crossed my mind. There's just so much "health-related" and life-changing events that have happened in the past.

With Elms and Amer
Last month, my dear friend Amor passed away. He was my classmate and one of my close friends at UP. He was one of the most lively, fun and sociable person I know (inside and outside the University). It is without a doubt that he became a professor at UP Baguio because of his character and remarkable talent and dedication in Journalism. And how I can forget him. My timeline had always been fed with sunset shots, images of pristine beaches, and creative poses because of him. Now, none of those amazing photos will appear because he's gone. And what I will miss about his writing is his blog on places that he visited, particularly promoting the beauty of Philippine beaches, and yeah, his very own Amer Amor Farm in Donsol, Sorsogon. Given the passing of my dear and young friend because of a vehicular accident, I can't help but once again feel the same feeling when I lost my mom is 2006. It's devastating. And you really can't question God. It all happens for a reason. And the truth is, you really can't move on, but you just get used to it, accepting the fact that someone is gone.

I've also struggled for the past weeks. I've been struggling with the heat and adjusting to a new environment, reminding myself that this is home. I've been visiting my doctor for the past weeks because of tummy pains and so I am given some medicines to take. Apart from the meds, I have to avoid some food, and obviously change my diet. Yeah, I can no longer eat any food with "dairy" Yeah, hashtag, oh dear! So goodbye milk tea (thunder!), goodbye cakes (earthquakes), goodbye coffee with milk (strong wind!), goodbye Goldilocks polvoron (tsunami), and hello disastrous life! Hastag, kidding! At first it's difficult to adjust, but for the love of life and good health, I will follow the doctor's advice. On top of that, I am not allowed to eat too much food, and yeah, sticky rice or any food that is "hard to digest." In short, I have problems with digestion and I've become lactose intolerant. Well I'm not surprised with this because I have history of indigestion when I was a kid. Who wouldn't get "indigestion" when you finish half a bilao  of sapin-sapin. Hashtag, Boom Panes! So having said this medical revelations, it is obvious that I'm getting old. Hashtag, exaggerated? Also, blame my tummy issues with stress. So, I need to de-stress.

After talking about the front part of my body (my tummy), let's go in the back portion, hello there, my scoliosis. I have a visit with my ortho and in a blog post I shared that I have to eat lots of broccoli, salmon and even soya for my calcium needs, as replacement to ordinary milk as source of calcium. On top of that, I am given some meds just in case scolio pain strikes back. But no need to worry, I'm okay with liniment. Hashtag, thank God!

Speaking of medical stuff, I was with my college friends when one of my friends told us that she is now taking some meds (maintenance) for highblood pressure. As my friend mentioned it, I thought of a family member who is in the same condition. Meanwhile, I thought of a close friend who at age 30 is diagnosed with breast cancer. And three weeks ago my bestfriend is talking about coping with gerd. As I think of these, I've realized that it is true that the times have changed. Not only that people move from one place to another (from temporal to eternity), or people mature or blossom in their chosen careers, but people confront health challenges along the way. Especially now that me and my friends are in that "30s" age, one must not underestimate one's body.

I am not paranoid. It just makes me realize that good health is a gift. Although health is taken for granted as we focus in achieving our goals in life, we must always remind ourselves to look after our health. And this includes our mind and our body.

For what I learned from Amer, life is short and so we must live it to the fullest. And with his goodbye, he showed me how one can leave a legacy and that is by touching and changing other people's lives. Every time a friend of his or his relatives will post on his wall, all I can read is how grateful they were with how Amer inspired them in so many ways. And that I think is living life with so much meaning.

To see the realities of life outside doing research is a humbling experience. I am not only here to do my research, but also to reconnect with my family and friends, who in the first place have been my source of strength and inspiration. Now that I'm home, I try to manage my time to catch up and unwind. Hashtag, Go! But yeah, at the end of a stressful research day, meeting friends over dinner or coming home with family to watch some Tagalog flicks or simply skyping with Guy truly makes my world move in a blessed direction. Every person and every moment is a blessing. Hashtag, positivity!

Stress is inevitable. But thanks to my family, my friends, and to Guy, and to God, everything seems to be running okay. Hashtag, boom na boom! I am now rejuvenated. Tummy pains are gone. Goodbye headaches. I'm more relaxed. I'm now excited to go back to Melbourne again to finish my PhD journey (data gathering will soon be ovah!). I've become more appreciative of things around me. I'm back to my happy self. And I'm excited to what the future will bring. Paired with hardwork and dedication, I lift everything to God.

Now I am ready to share to you my wish.

(To be delivered in Maleficent way!) I wish GOOD HEALTH and LONG LIFE for me, my family, my relatives and friends. With the realization of this wish, I will be able to spend more great time with people who have made my world truly desirable to live. Hashtag, now na!


  1. I have a # headache :) More great words - thanks for sharing.

    1. Guy!!!!!!! Wohoooo! Love you very much! =)