Monday, June 2, 2014


Are you a postgraduate student? Are you doing your Masters? Or how about completing your dissertation? If your answer is YES, next question is, do you get stressed with school work? If you answer yes, how do you handle it?

Just this afternoon I visited my ortho. As you all know (and for those who doesn't know) that I have scoliosis. It is not inborn. Blame it to bad posture! So for the past days, because of probably over stretching my muscles or simply because of stress, I had chest and back pains. Okay. Don't panic. It's normal. I've been experiencing such pains since college. I do not have heart or lung problems (as Xrays and previous check ups as basis). It's just that sometimes pains due to my scoliosis attack unexpectedly. So to manage the pain, I usually relax my muscles or put on some liniment. 

So going back to recent visit to my Ortho, I was advised to "not stress" my muscles by carrying my bag properly (goodbye to backpack coz it hurts my back more) or do stretching before working out. I am also advised not to carry heavy things. And to strengthen my back, I am advised to eat Brocoli, salmon and soya milk. Okay. I've started to become LACTOSE INTOLERANT. This is the recent advise of my other doctor for my tummy issues. See? I'm getting old.

Apart from the tips from my Ortho, I was hit by her statement. She told me not to stress myself because stress will make me old! She also told me that stiffness of the neck and back is caused by stress. Boom. Boom. Boom. Oh yeah. Ring a ding ding dong? Hello there, stress! So as I rode the jeepney on my way home I realized that perhaps the tummy discomfort and muscle pains that I've been having for the past days are caused by stress. Yeah! The moment I relax, pain is gone. Truth be told, I'm stressing myself. Yeah. I'm stressed. Then it hit me. Why am I stressing myself? Why oh why oh why oh why? Why? Why? 

I have a lot of reasons why I'm stressed at some point. First, the deadlines to beat. Second, obviously, the pressure. Third, the anxiety and fear of not being able to deliver. Fourth, fear of getting sick and not being able to work. See? There's so much "paranoia!" Having said this I've decided to manage my stress by "diffusing" all my fears and anxieties. I just realized that the more I panic, the more I won't be able to work on what's needed. Yes, there is no cure for paranoia and I am making way for a healthy body and mind. Having said that, I told myself to stop worrying. On top of that I am engaging myself again in creative, healthy and productive activities.

All I need is to be (again and again) be more optimistic, reach out to people, think forward, and enjoy the journey. I don't want to compare myself to other to feel good or better. It is best to look at my current position as a "blessing". This is my race. I will win this.

Of course thank you to my supportive family and friends. I highly appreciate all your love and care. And to my special Guy in Melbourne, you know how much you mean to me, thank you very much! And with faith in God, there is nothing I shall fear.

Now, what is stress? Oh well. It's inevitable. But it's manageable. 


As the picture suggests, yes, its KKK! Kayang Kaya Ko!

This is day 29 of my 30 Days of Blessedness Journey.

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