Sunday, June 8, 2014


I have two things to talk about in this blog entry. First, there is about predicting my future based on tarot cards. And the other one is about my knack on watching Tagalog movies for the past weeks. I am undeniably a Tagalog-movie deprived Filipino. I've been living outside the Philippines since March 2008.

Last night I visited my dear friend (one of my bestfriends since college) Elms or Boogie. To meet and catch up with Elms is one of the to-dos in my visit in the Philippines. Elms have been my classmate in production classes in college and who has become one of my trusted "sister".  She is like a family to me. We're more likely twins in many aspects  and interests in life. Through ups and downs, Elms is always there. She is always present to listen to my rants in the past and my "adventures" in the present. Okay, let us not talk about my adventures. Our agreement is...what we talk or share, when we leave, we... just laugh! So as I was saying last night I went out with her. Prior to going out and moving around in UP, I visited her mom as well who is very close to me. Since my mom passed away, I've been adopted by "moms" of some of my friends, and Tita is one of them who treated me like their own child. So with my visit to her last night I had to chance to be under her spell (feels like a scene in a Disney movie?). Tita put out her Tarot cards and showed me my future.

Five years ago before I flew to Brunei and made a career in Brunei, Tita looked at my palm and told me something that I will never forget. She told me before that I will be travelling and making a life overseas. She even told me that I'm a very lucky person, predicting a bright future. At first I was hesitant to believe if what she said. In my mind I was unsure of travelling or making a life overseas because I didn't apply to any job overseas and I couldn't imagine myself living overseas. On her statement about my future successes, I just shrugged it off and believed that perhaps that will happen if I will work hard. As soon as I walked away in their house in UP and started my life, things suddenly changed. I got a job offer in Brunei and the rest is history.

Last night was another heart-stopping moment for me as Tita put her cards on the table and "zoomed into" my future. I was hesistant at first. I was scared. I was undeniably scared with what will be my future. But through trust in myself, I let the tarot cards talk.

I was happy with the predictions. Prior to using Tarot cards Tita gave me my master number. Based on my birthday,  Tita said that I am gifted with a lucky number, that success is on my side. She also advised me to remember my master number because it is a number I can use for the future, particularly in knowing what days are best to achieve plans or make wishes happen.

In Tita's tarot card reading I was surprised that everything was spot on. From my anxiety, to my current plans, and even to what I want to achieve - career, lovelife, everything. Take note that I haven't talked to Tita since I left for Brunei and last night was our first meet again after years of staying overseas. So she doesn't know anything about me. As a whole Tita told me that abundance is on my side, that I will be blessed with so many things, and I will achieve whatever I want. She just reiterated for me to be humble and stop being emotional for surely I will reap a bountiful future.

Tita made me shed a tear last night. During our tarot card reading Tita showed through the cards that my mom is still guiding me and is very happy with what I've achieved in life. So she suggested that we prepare my mom's favourite food and put it in the altar as a sign of thanksgiving offer. The moment made me cry because I miss my mom. I so miss her. Tita even joked that my mom is perhaps around because she couldn't see one of the tarot cards before we start the session.

After the tarot card Tita held my right hand and continued predicting my future. Again she was amazed with how blessed I am. She told me that I will be blessed with so much. And she told me that I won't stay in the Philippines and I will settle in another country (Oh yeah, calling Guy! Calling Guy!). Honestly, I was overwhelmed.

Tita was also spot on when she said that it seems that you are physically and emotionally tired at night. I agree with that. There were nights that I'm just so tired with research, but not in life, FYI. But again, thanks to the support of family, friends, and Guy, I am alive and kicking. So Tita said not to worry because I am blessed. All I need is to focus and stay calm for I have many options in life, she added.

Tita said that I have high intuition. On top of that Tita told me that I have the capacity to heal if I'm ready for it. This is what I want to explore. Let's see. I'm a DOCTOR right? #LOL

I believe in what Tita said, in all of her words. It was spot on. But of course, my actions and decision making are important in living and leading the future of my life. But it is simply inspiring to somehow know that somehow the universe is offering something big and blessed. Now I'm more inspired to not only fulfill my dreams but also help my family. For me, it's family, family. and family.

Speaking of family, the past weeks have been filled with Tagalog movie marathons. So far, here are the list of movies I've watched: (1) Bekikang; (2) One more try; (3) Kimidora 2; (4) Suddenly its magic; (5) This guy is in love with you Mare; (6)Starting Over Again; (7)The Reunion; and a lot more! Just recently I tagged along my family to watch "Maybe This Time" in the new shopping mall in our place, the Fairview Terraces. I was laughing in my seat as I devoured my popcorn. Of course, I was "kinikilig" too. Super. Duper. And so I miss my Guy in Melbourne. Meanwhile, my spirit of writing and publishing my creative project is revived! I will definitely publish my "behind the blog" and overseas stories. These stories are compilation of my adventures outside the Philippines, in thriving, surviving, and in loving and juggling entangled relationships, here and there. Abangan yan!

With my future being presented and enjoying time with my family, I realized that I am starting to rise again and be strong. I'm rejuvenated. I'm more excited to work again. I am looking forward to shining in my chosen path - teaching, research, advertising, whatever! As far as I can remember Tita told me to slow down and relax a bit. I guess she's right. I need that. I have to. And I will. For the love of life and of my family and friends, I will slow down yet will never ever forget to fulfill one's dreams and be humble. Guy, three weeks to go. To myself, 3 weeks to go to finish data gathering, working on a conference presentation in Melbourne, and yeah, spending quality time with family and friends in Manila.

I couldn't ask for more. Life is good. God is good. I'm good. As Sarah Geronimo said in the movie "Maybe This Time", "I'm great even!"

Tita is a fortune teller and she has been practicing her craft even before I was born.

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