Sunday, June 1, 2014


It's my birthday month.I am turning 32. Yehey or yikes? Yehey of course! I am proud of it. I am very happy. And I feel so blessed is so many ways. I couldn't ask for more. Oh, I wanna ask one thing, wishing good health (safety and security too) for everyone.

The past weeks have been a challenge for me. Apart from enduring Philippine summer ( feels Sauna everyday), I've been doing research for my dissertation. Special thanks to my father for assisting me in my interviews and for my special partner for boosting and inspiring me heaps! I've been out for some days to gather data (interviews and making field notes) and I've been synthesizing journals or "take home" readings at some days. While I've been a prisoner in my room doing all research-related activities, I've also been a consistent customer in some nearby cafes to (as usual) study and work on my research. Obviously, it's been research, research, and yes, research. 

There are just some days that I'm stressed in writing. But there are also days that I'm fine. Given the situation, at some point, I took a break and just recharged my mind and body. I took a few days off to recover and told myself to stop worrying. I need to STOP WORRYING! I'm on the right track baby (sounds familiar eh?). Also, I need to KEEP CALM. Yeah, repeat Earvs. KEEP CALM. *self talk happening*

Now that we've entered the month of June, we are (in the Philippines) generally welcoming the start of classes.  But on a personal level, I am embracing this month as a blessing because this is my birthday month. Apart from the fact that I'm excited to be back in Melbourne to be with my special partner, I am also looking forward to meet-ups with friends, a bit of shopping, and my birthday celebration here in Manila. After almost six years of celebrating my birthday overseas, this time, this year, I am home and I will celebrate my birthday in the Philippines.

Up to now I haven't thought of what to do on my birthday. Oh, I have some ideas. Basically I will have dinner with my family. And yes, I will celebrate as well with close friends. Where? How? When? I'm still clueless. Hopefully I won't miss someone in my "to-meet" before I leave Manila on the 29th of June. 

I am writing this blog not to generate ideas for my birthday. I am uploading this entry because I want to start posting things, encounters or moments for the next 30 days of my stay in the Philippines and during my birthday month. This is a way to not only chronicle how life can be very awesome, but a reminder of a blessed path. This personal documentation will be called "Thirty Days of Blessedness".

The "Thirty Days of Blessedness" will be presented through "creative" texts and visuals. I will upload photos. I will post blog entries. I will "exploit" different and multiple channels to stage "blessedness". I may also post funny thoughts that may come to mind. Obviously, this is similar with 100 days of Happiness. But mine is shorter and its about celebrating life during my birthday month - the cheapest and fun way, yeah!

Lezz do this! #30DaysofBlessedness

Here's Kat Perry's Birthday Song! Wohooooo!

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