Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It seems it was only yesterday when I blogged about looking back at 2013 and welcoming 2014. Now, I am looking back at 2014 and I am all set for 2015. I really couldn't slow down time. It's a race. It's uncontrollable. With one blink of the eye, everything changes. And the next day, as I open my eyes, it will be  another day to face or perhaps a year to conquer.

My 2014 is special. It is like one big plate of mixed dishes. There's a savory cuisine. There's a blunt one. There's a bit spicy that makes me cry. There's a sweet portion. And there's some dish that left me with a  bitter aftertaste. Despite the differences of the dishes on my plate, I finished and enjoyed the food. After all, the gastronomic delights gave me the energy to move on and face my everyday life.