This blog, Rated E! Eklusibo't Ekplosibong Escapades, was born in May 2009. It's primarily made as a channel for expression, especially in coping a life overseas. The blogger, "Earvs," utilized blogging to chronicle his trials and travails as an Overseas Filipino Worker in Brunei Darussalam, the Abode of Peace.

Now that Earvs is bound to move in Melbourne, Australia to pursue his PhD in Media and Communication, he is delighted to continue blogging, especially in documenting his life as a Filipino Scholar in Land Down Under.

Interestingly, some entries in this blog had won in various competitions. The entry entitled, "Kalye Onse" won as the Grand Winner in the 2011 Saranggola Blog Awards (Freestyle Blog Category). Additionally, the poem "PaLEGOhan" won Second place in the 2011 Saranggola Blog Awards.

Apart from encountering entries about the blogger's personal sojourn, inside and outside Brunei, a roster of literary works may delight random or loyal readers.

One thing that this blog has not tackled is the author's love life. That is something which you should watch out for, soon.


Talented, Cheerful, Optimistic, and the Life of the Party are some of the best characteristics that Earvs' friends describe him. Surprisingly, little did most of his friends (including acquaintances) know that he's possessed. In Filipino's term, may Sapi! Someone screamed: "Alam namin!"

Truth be told, Earvs is schizophrenic (in a positive way). He can be very serious in formal discussions and he can just be as loud as a comedianne in a casual conversation (with added animated gestures). And for most of his friends, such personality is (at least) tolerable. It's also an advantage to some as there's no need to go into a comedy bar or hire a clown to put a big smile on one's face especially when Earvs opens his mouth and starts narrating stories in full detail.

On a serious note, Earvs has a degree in Philippine Studies at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. He took creative writing in Filipino and Broadcast Communication as cognates in his degree. Right after graduation, despite walking away with awards from the premiere University, he took the production assistant post from a Philippine Television Network. Perhaps he was blinded by the glitz and glamour of the television world. Positively, with hardwork (slavery much) and perseverance (hello sleepless nights and "bathless" days), he eventually became a writer and producer. After two years, he transferred to another television network. Yes, it's TV5 (Formerly known as ABC-5), which is now making waves in the dynamics of network wars.

A golden opportunity came online and that's how Earvs landed in Brunei Darussalam in 2008. Clueless whether he sold his soul to an angel or to a devil, moving in to a foreign country was embraced as a blessing. His Mom just died then and he needed space to recover from extreme sadness.

In Brunei, apart from showcasing his talent in creative writing as he's hired as an advertising writer, his talent in hosting is rediscovered, and somehow shook Brunei's tranquility. With left and right hosting jobs, eventually he has become one of Brunei's most-sought (may ganon?) host and entertainer! And for the past years, this blog has served as the official PR site of Earvs' illusion as a star! #hahaha

As boredom slowly invaded his free time, Earvs took a Masters Degree in Development Communication at the University of the Philippines. He became fascinated with mobile media use of the OFWs and that's how we developed independent researches. After some years, he finished his Masters. With credentials tucked under his belt, he was awarded a full scholarship and he's now working on his Doctorate in Media and Communication at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He wishes to either teach, be a researcher, a media practitioner, or perhaps, a celebrity or recording artist (Chos!).

Apart from blogging, Earvs is passionate in stage performance. In a big or small gathering, Earvs performs (Kahit di host, kahit nakaupo, perform kung perform). Of course, some performances are rendered for free and some come with a price tag. One of his major (major, major, major) hosting extravaganza was when Yeng Constantino came in Brunei for a charity concert.

Speaking of stardom, Earvs is one of the grand finalists of Brunei's Who's Got Talent Season 3. Up to now, whenever some people bumped into him, it's inevitable for them not to say, "You were great!," or "You sang very well," and yes, "You should have won!" Moving on!

Earvs is blessed in so many ways! He won in the 2012 I Love Brunei National Day Competition. His entry "Brunei in my Heart" was hailed as the Grand Winner in the 2012 I Love Brunei Essay Competition (English and Open Category). He walked away with a bonggang bonggang cash prize and trip ticket to KL, Malaysia.

So with all the blessings that he has received (or will be receiving), he never misses to share his blessings with his friends and family. He believes in what his Mom used to say, "The more your give, the more you will receive."

His interest ranges from fiction writing, working out, reading novels, up to as simple as enjoying a cup of pearl milk tea while watching a horror flick. While he may blabber about theories on media and communication, or sometimes bombard you with outrageous and witty one liners, he easily gets excited on topics like Philippine showbusiness and ghost stories.

As a creative writer, he dreams of publishing his own book; something that's erotic, scary and funny. He wishes to win a Palanca Award someday.

On his early 30s, he's single and ready to mingle.  He is already in a relationship. *giggles*

Email: ecabalquinto@gmail.com


  1. I think this is the most entertaining "about the author" entry I have ever come acrossed with. very cool :)

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    1. I'm doing good! One year to. I'm on writing my dissertation! =)